100 Missing After Bangladesh Ferry Capsizes

An overcrowded passenger ferry, the Pinak 6, sunk today in the Padma River near the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.


The police chief of Madaripur, the town where the ferry took off from, has stated that there were around 170 to 200 passengers on board the ferry.

However, surviving passengers estimated that there were at least 350 passengers on board, and local officials estimated that there may have been 450 people on the ferry when it sank.

Bangladesh ferries do not keep records of how many passengers board their ships, which prevents any official record of how many passengers were on Pinak 6.

This lack of accountability also contributes to unsafe overcrowding on passenger vessels, which is common in Bangladesh. The boat that sink on Monday was licensed to carry about 85 people.

Thanks to the help of divers from the Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defense and the Bangladesh Navy, as well as some locals, about 100 passengers have been rescued. Around 14 people have been confirmed as dead, with the rest of the passengers unaccounted for.

The ferry is believed to have sunk because of dangerous winds and currents, along with extreme overcrowding.

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