250 People Dead in Flooding Across Asia

Severe flooding from an intense monsoon season has left more than 250 people dead and hundreds more homeless across parts of South Asia and China. Dozens more have been injured or reported missing.


In Pakistan, flash flooding has killed 110 people and injured nearly 150 others in recent days, authorities said yesterday.

India also is coping with severe flooding, which has claimed the lives of at least 97 people in Indian-administered Kashmir, Vinod Koul, state relief and rehabilitation commissioner, told CNN yesterday.

And in southwestern China, more than 40 people have died and 18 others are missing after heavy rains and flooding over the past week, authorities said.

The hardest-hit areas in Pakistan include Punjab, the country’s most populous province, and Pakistani-administered Kashmir.

Lahore and Rawalpindi, major cities in Punjab, are experiencing serious flooding.

The flooding has destroyed 650 homes in Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s office said.

The Pakistani government reported Friday that up to a foot of rain had fallen in eastern parts of the country within the past day.

Some flood victims died from collapsing roofs or electrocution by downed power lines, officials said.

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