A Section of Highway 2000 To Be Renamed in Honour of P.J. Patterson

P.J Patterson, a former Prime Minister of Jamaica, will be honoured next week, with one of his signature infrastructure projects set to bear his name.


The government, in a press advisory late Friday evening, announced that the Mandela to May Pen leg of Highway 2000 will be renamed the P.J. Patterson Highway, on April 17.

Highway 2000 was one of the Millenium Projects announced by Mr. Patterson’s administration in the late 1990s. He demitted office in March, 2006, by which time a portion of the roadway had been completed.

Since then several additional sections have been added to that east-west link, whilst work has advanced significantly on the north-south portion (not to be included in the re-naming) which, upon completion, will connect Kingston to Ocho Rios.

Mr. Patterson, who turned 80 this week, will also be honoured by Parliament at a luncheon, to mark that milestone, on April 17.

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