Affected Toilet Paper Brands Will Not be Released

The Ministry of Health has signalled that it will not be releasing the names of the contaminated tissue brands despite indicating earlier this week that it was not ruling out making the information public. The Ministry’s response comes amid continuing calls for the names to be publicised. The Bureau of Standards Jamaica has already stated that it does not have legal coverage to make the information public.


Dr. Michael Coombs, Chief Medical Officer said that a decision on whether to release the information would be made after a report was received from the Bureau and the Ministry consulted its legal officers. The report was received on Wednesday.

But Dr. Coombs said the decision was made to keep the lid on the affected brands.

“Based on our findings on details analysis of the results of the tests in a report received from the Bureau of Standards it would not be necessary to name the brands because they do not pose any risk in terms of public health based on the findings from the results,” said Dr. Coombs.

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