Almost 1 Ton of Ganja Seized at Kingston Wharfs

Jamaica law enforcement authorities say they have seized more than $6 million dollars worth of marijuana in a container that arrived here from Indonesia and was in transit to Suriname.

Dried Marijuana or Cannabis Bud on White Background

The Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division (TCND) said it had participated in a joint operation with the Jamaica Customs’ Contraband Enforcement Team in seizing the 1,751 pounds of marijuana at the Kingston Wharves, Port Bustamante on Monday.

It said the drug was wrapped in 370 parcels among household effects and had a street value of $6 million Jamaican dollars.

The container had arrived in Kingston from Indonesia and was scheduled to depart Port Bustamante on Monday for Suriname.

Over the weekend, police seized approximately 910.69 pounds of compressed marijuana worth an estimated $3 million dollars at the Kingston Container Terminal.

No arrests were made in relation to the seizures.

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