Amendments To Be Made To Dangerous Drugs Act

The Government of Jamaica today announced plans for sweeping changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act.


Justice Minister Mark Golding revealed that Cabinet has given approval for amendments to the Act to allow for the use and possession of  ganja for medical and research purposes.

The definition of  hemp will be inserted in the Act and there will also be licensing regime.

“That is what we are announcing today is that there will be changes so that we can have a  properly regulated medical ganja industry and a lawful properly regulated industrial hemp industry here,” Golding said.

And a licensing authority is to be established to govern the medicinal ganja industry.

Golding says discussions will take place with the Minister of Finance in relation to a portion of the revenues generated from the issuing of  licenses going into a dedicated fund.

Resources will be used for public education programmes discouraging ganja use by adolescents and other vulnerable persons. It will also be used to support the National Council on Drug Abuse, NCDA’s programmes.

The House of Representatives, today also passed the Criminal Records Act.

Under the legislation, convictions for possession of two ounces or less of ganja, smoking ganja and having smoking paraphernalia will not attract a criminal record. It also provides for the removal of criminal records for other minor offenses.

The Bill was tabled in the wake of  concerns about the length of  time persons have to wait to qualify for their records to be expunged, and their inability to attract gainful employment during that period.

The Bill also makes provision for the expungement of  convictions under Section 10 of  the Sexual Offenses Act, once the term of  imprisonment does not exceed five years.

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