At Least 19 Dead as Taiwanese TransAsia Plane Crashes in Taipei

A TransAsia Airways flight departing the Taiwanese capital Taipei this morning crashed into a river nearby the terminal after coming into contact with an elevated roadway soon after takeoff.

The ATR-72 turboprop aircraft was bound for the offshore island of Kinmen with 58 people onboard, at least 19 people were killed during the crash.

More than half of the passengers aboard TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 were from China and the death toll was expected to rise as rescue crews cleared the mostly submerged fuselage in the Keelung River.

Teams in rubber rafts clustered around the wreckage, several dozen meters (yards) from the shore.

Dramatic video clips apparently taken from cars were posted online and aired by broadcasters, showing the ATR 72 prop-jet as it pivoted onto its side while zooming toward a traffic bridge over the river.

In one of them, the plane rapidly fills with frame as its now-vertical wing scrapes over the road, hitting a vehicle before heading into the river.

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