Atlantic Storm Could Become a Tropical Depression

A low pressure system located 350 miles east of the Lesser Antilles is expected to become better organised over the next couple of days according to the 8 am National Hurricane Center (NHC) report.


The tropical system, which is located at 15.0N 56.3W is moving northwest at 15 mph and the current movement is expected to carry the system over parts of the “Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands Thursday and across Hispaniola late Friday and Saturday” according to the NHC.

The low pressure system is expected to bring heavy rainfall ad gusty winds across parts of the Lesser Antilles Thursday as the NHC “warned interests in those islands to monitor the disturbance closely”.

Forecasters at the NHC warned that the system has a high chance, 70% of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next five days and a hurricane hunter aircraft is expected to investigate the storm on Thursday afternoon.

The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet thus far, as forecasted with the only two named storms, Tropical Storm Arthur and Hurricane Bertha, a category one storm with winds of 80 mph.

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