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I am a Starlet enthusiast who has been privileged to own 4 Toyota Turbo Starlets to date and have picked up a few things about these little vehicles. There is always more to learn and I'm always willing to share info and thats what I aim to do.

Lick The Lollipop

If you were thinking some naughty thought when you read the title forget about it. The lollipop being refereed to is the latest installment of the android OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google has now officially announced the OS though it had been released in its beta version as Android L at Google I/O earlier this year. So what can we expect ...

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Race at Dover Not on The Roads

The Jamaica Race Drivers Club (JRDC) through sponsorship from the Jamaica Automobiles Association (JAA) and TOTAL Gasoline last weekend hosted there second in a series of Open Track Days at the Dover Raceway in St. Ann. The event was geared towards providing drivers and avenue to fuel their adrenaline in a controlled and safe environment. Drivers got the opportunity to ...

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The Apple iPhone 6 is Coming !!

Apple has once again seemed to set the tech world a buzz in recent weeks with the anticipation of the scheduled release of the new iPhone 6. The speculated debut date for the new phone is said to be set for September 9, 2014. The Majority of the buzz with the new phone seems to be centered around screen size ...

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Auto Review: Skunk Nation Import Tuner Night

Car enthusiasts across the island  got a special treat this weekend with the staging of the annual Skunk Nation’s Import Tuner Night Car show. The Skunked out Honda Civic that was given away to a lucky winner. The annual car show staged at the National Stadium showcased the islands best in modified and tricked out cars. The event saw a ...

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