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Iceta Wright is a graduate of the University of Technology Jamaica and is now full time blogger of Natural Hair, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogging. She also has a booming career in the social Media spheres and is passionate about what she does.

10 Bad Experiences On My Natural Hair Journey

Just like every other aspect of your life when you decide to make a change you have a plethora of people telling what to do and what not do. Once you start wearing your natural hair people with and without natural here will start to give “sound” advise. I can tell you that I have heard some crazy things and I ...

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Style on the Go “Island Pompadour” | 5-Minutes

What you will Need:

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Summer Lip Colour For The Dark Skinned Girl

It’s about that time my FAY-VOW-RIT month and time of year!! The return of too short shorts and micro mini skirts, Maxi Dresses, sunglasses, vacation, beach parties and bright Lip Stick, paints, stains, gloss and balms. Here are my favourite for this Summer 2015. Us Natural Divas will not be left out of the mix by no means at all and ...

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10 Minute Hair Styles | 4c Natural Hair

I get asked these questions so many times. How does my hair look like…..? What products do you use in your hair? What is your go to hair style? I figure one post could answer these questions in its entirety. Fortunately for me, I have most times lived in the Caribbean, where humidity is my close personal friend. Living in a perpetual Summer cycle, ...

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