Ban on E-Cigarettes Lifted Until Further Notice

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has indicated that it will make concessions following the decision to bar the importation of Electronic Cigarettes, also known as E-Cigs, into Jamaica.


The Ministry had advised Jamaica Customs to immediately cease clearance of electronic cigarettes already in the island and halt importation of the item. The decision was criticized by cigarette distributor Carreras, which stated that the decision would impact thousands of Jamaicans and businesses.

Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson, told RJR News that the initial decision was made by a technical team, and based on all the factors involved, it will be reviewed until conversations are held with all the stakeholders.

Elaborating on the decision, Dr. Ferguson said it was only fair that those involved in the trade be given “adequate time to deal with the present situation,” before any decision is made to withdraw import permits.

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