JPS Expands Hydroelectricity Capacity

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is to increase its renewable energy capacity with the official commissioning of the new Maggotty hydroelectric power plant in St. Elizabeth. This will increase the number of hydropower stations to nine. The plant will add 7.2 megawatts to the national grid. It will also help to reduce Jamaica’s oil imports.

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Tech TV Jamaica – Watch The Online Video Show

Keep informed with the latest technology news in Jamaica. Watch the online video show:

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For 26-year-old Jesse Brissett, technology is his playground and he has channelled his entrepreneurial endeavour of web development into a viable entity that continues to earn him points in the business world. Operating under the theme ‘Website We Will’, Brissett’s BinaryAds company, based in Montego Bay, has designed websites for several corporate entities such as Wards Power Tools, Snap Dat ...

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Mobile Money System Coming to Jamaica Soon

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, says the Government is working to implement a system called ‘mobile money’, which will allow customers to carry out monetary transactions using their mobile phones. Speaking during the 2012/13 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 20, Mr. Hylton said the system is being developed, in collaboration with the ...

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O.U.R Sets Interim Termination Call Rates at $5

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has confirmed that the interim mobile termination rate will be five dollars per minute for incoming domestic and international telephone calls. This follows the amendments to the Telecommunications Act passed in Parliament earlier this year. The OUR says the new rate will become effective on July 15. The new rate will mean significantly lower ...

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LIME Scores With Call Termination Rate Changes

The proposed $5.00 termination rate on mobile calls is set to make it cheaper for Digicel customers to call LIME phones than to call friends on their network. The proposal by the Office of Utilities Regulation for an interim termination rate of $5.00 has garnered different responses from the two telecoms providers with LIME largely supportive and Digicel expressing reservations. ...

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Mobile Call Rates to Drop

Government is pushing to have amendments to the Telecommunications Act established into law by weekend, enabling the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) to set interim wholesale and retail telecommunications rates. “One of the implications, we believe, because we can’t prejudge what the OUR will do, is that we are going to see a massive decline in rates,” Minister of Science, ...

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Digicel One Rate Postpaid Plan Coming Apr 15.

As of Apr 15, call any local number, on any network, any time with Digicel’s Postpaid Anywhere Plan. To activate any of Digicel’s Postpaid Anywhere Plans, dial *155# and follow the instructions. The Anywhere JMD$1499 plan gives 165 bundle minutes to call any local network & 50 SMS for JMD$1499 per month plus GCT. The Anywhere JMD$1999 plan gives 165 ...

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Jamaican BlackBerry App Apsession Officially Launched

Apsession is a new BlackBerry application built specifically for use in Jamaica, allowing individuals to search for events, parties, clubs, restaurants and other social events across Jamaica. Users will be able to search for events by parish, price, and genre. What can u do with Apsession? Search Events across Jamaica. Purchase event tickets and have them delivered anywhere in Jamaica. ...

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LIME Offers 4G Experience

Telecommunications provider LIME last night announced that, on March 12, it would be boosting the experience of customers on its mobile network to include 4G technology. “Starting Monday, the company will be rolling out the red carpet for customers at select LIME locations across the island for them to be the first to experience the superior technology which is only ...

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