Changes To Visa Fees at The US Embassy

The US Embassy in Kingston has announced changes to Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visa Processing Fees.

They take effect on April 13.

All immigrant visa processing fees will decrease while applicants will have to fork out more for non-immigrant visa fees.

The US Embassy says the new fees better reflect the costs of  providing visa services to the public.

Non immigrant Visa Processing Fees will move from $140 US to $160 US, while the cost for petition-based visas will go up by $40 US to $190 US.

Immigrant Visa Processing Fees will drop from $330 US  to $230 US.

There will be a big decrease in the cost of  processing employment-based applications.

It will be lowered from $720 US to $405 US.

The fee adjustments are the result of  a December 2011 worldwide cost-of-service study conducted by the Bureau of  Consular Affairs in the US Department of  State.

For fees that are increasing, receipts for payment prior to April 13 will be accepted for 90 days after the adjustments take effect.

In visa categories where fees are declining, no refunds are available for applicants who paid before April 13, though their receipts are valid for one year after the date of  issuance.

Source: RJR NEWS

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