Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren Died From Injesting Coke

The shroud of mystery surrounding the death of veteran roots play actor Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren has been removed, reliable sources have stated that the actor died of complications from cocaine that was found in his stomach.


The 46-year-old actor died while undergoing treatment for an ‘undetermined illness’ at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital.

Information is that 57 packets of cocaine were found and removed from the actor’s stomach, during an autopsy that was performed on his body yesterday morning.

According to reports, one of the packets ruptured and caused leakage of the contents. It’s almost a certain death if medical attention is not sought early

A relative said that the actor died hours before he was scheduled to leave the island for New York and later to the United Kingdom where his mother resides.

“The family was in shock, in complete disbelief when they saw the cocaine. They didn’t know he was into that, they are so embarrassed.”

The relative also revealed that the actor had allegedly planned for his death, stating that the day before he passed away he had gone to a popular St. Ann’s Bay-based funeral parlour and selected the casket he would like to be buried in.

“When he died, the funeral home contacted us and said that Chu Chu had come in and choose his casket and told them that he wanted that parlour to take care of his body if he should die.”

The St. Ann’s Bay police were contacted and they confirmed that the illegal drug was indeed found in the late actor’s stomach.

Chu Chu boasted over 20 years onstage and gained popularity after playing a feisty yet likeable woman called ‘Chu Chu’ in the roots play Passa Passa.

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