Cops Question Jody-Ann Gray’s Attacker

The St. Catherine Police are now questioning a 44-year-old man of a Harbour View address in Kingston, following the attack on the life of his girlfriend, Jody-ann Gray, a 28-year-old broadcaster and journalist.

The person being interrogated is a fellow broadcaster of a Kingston based radio station.

The police said that Gray drove up to her home in Portmore, St. Catherine about 9.55 p.m., as she was about to alight her motor car, she was pounced upon by a man, who shot her once in the face and twice in the arm.

The man then jumped into a waiting Corolla motor car, which was being driven by the broadcaster and tried to escape in the area.

However, the police, who were on the scene within minutes of the shooting, intercepted the motor car which had three men aboard.

It is reported that a pair of registration plates made out of cardboard was found covering the original registration plates of the Corolla motor car.

When those plates were removed, it was discovered that the motor car was registered to the broadcaster and a woman who shared his last name, of a Harbour View address.

The police also seized a firearm suspected to be the weapon used in the shooting. The other men, both from Harbour View addresses will also be questioned by the police.

Meanwhile, commanding officer for the Division, Senior Superintendent Collin Pinnock is commending the police officers.

SSP Pinnock said a woman Corporal, after intercepting the car with the perpetrators, left two other constables on the scene and sped away with Gray to the hospital, while summoning back up for her colleagues.

According to SSP Pinnock, actions like these demonstrate a high level of professionalism in the men and women entrusted to protect and serve.

Source: Go Jamaica

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