CPJ Offers Quick & Easy Ready To Cook Pork

Seasoned to perfection, Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) has unveiled a new range of Ready to Cook pork, offering unprecedented convenience to housewives, chefs, and even those who are known to stay far from their kitchens.


The 100% Jamaica-grown pork, supplied by local pig farmers, hit the frozen section of supermarkets island-wide a month ago, modernizing the preparation of the meat known to have the least calories and the highest protein value of all meats.

“It doesn’t get better than this – just thaw and cook, and the instructions are on the label,” boasted the company’s processing and meat plant consultant, Richard Hall, who took time out on a recent Saturday morning to host the Food team at the CPJ Montego Freeport plant.

Hall prepared all four ‘Ready to Cook’ pork products: mesquite, mojito, the popular jerked pork, and shoulder roast.

The mojito, which has as its main ingredients lemon juice and cilantro, was a hit with the team, owing to the fact it is light and refreshing and pairs well with a glass of Pinot Grigio and a nice summer salad.

Next in line is the mesquite, with its main ingredient being the barbecue spice and the mesquite wood, which is similar to the Jamaican pimento. The difference: the mesquite is grown in the United States.

Hall explained that the Ready to Cook pork cuts are shoulders and butts only. He noted, “We are on a mission to expose Jamaicans to the value of this meat.”

In the process, they have made an even bigger commitment – ensuring the survival of the industry and getting more Jamaicans to eat pork.

“We have an exceptional relationship with the Jamaica Pig Farmers’ Association,” he added.

While sampling the new products, Hall implored the team to sample CPJ’s full pork line, including its retail bacon.

“We have the traditional, streaky loin and we have the only jerked bacon on the market,” Hall told Food.

In addition to the bacon, the company has a full line of breakfast sausages, Chorizo, Italian, jerked and pepperoni, and an array of picnic hams.

“We are the only company that does ham steak – a good choice for breakfast,” he states.

Now in its 15th year, CPJ has its foothold in the distribution of wines and other beverages, quickly placing close focus on penetrating the rest of the region.

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