Curfew Imposed on Waterford/Portsmouth

After reports of a series of shootings which have left at least one person dead, the police have imposed a curfew in the communities of Waterford and Portsmouth in Portmore, St Catherine.


The curfew began at 6:00 pm Wednesday and will remain in effect until 6:00 pm Friday, March 7, the police say.

Boundaries of the curfews are:

Waterford: North along Caymanas Drive, from the eastern perimeter wall of Caymanas Park along Adair Drive, across the gully to the Dyke Road (335 metres from the railway crossing);

South along Passagefort Drive from the intersection with Dyke Road to the eastern perimeter of Caymanas Park (Big Tree);

West along the eastern perimeter wall of Caymanas Park along Caymanas Drive to the intersection with Adair Drive; and east along Dyke Road, from the intersection with Passagefort Drive, to the northern boundary.

Portsmouth: North along Passagefort Drive, from the intersection with Portmore Parkway to the intersection with southern parade;

South along an imaginary line from Portmore Parkway along Labernum Crescent to the intersection with south parade;

West along Portmore Parkway from the intersection with Passagefort Drive to the vicinity of Labernum Crescent; and east along south parade from the intersection with Passage Fort Drive to the intersection with Labernum Crescent.

During the hours of the curfew individuals within the boundaries are required to remain within their premises unless otherwise authorized in writing by the member of security forces who is in charge of enforcing the curfew, the police warn.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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