Digicel To Eliminate Cheaper Prepaid Call Rates

Telecommunication company Digicel is to eliminate the cheaper off-peak and weekend rates for its prepaid customers starting on Tuesday.


In a newspaper advertisement, Digicel said as of Tuesday, it will also eliminate its Brawta Plan, the Gimme 5 Extra Plan, the $2.49 plan and the double-bubble plan.

Prepaid customers on the Brawta Plan will instead be transferred to the Gimme Five Plan.

The Gimme Five plan eliminates Off-Peak and Weekend rates and instead imposes the higher charges.

Under the plan it will also cost more for Digicel mobile customers to call Digicel landlines.

The Roaming rates will now be $9.99 for prepaid and post paid customers up from the $8 a minute off-peak, but slightly down from the $10 a minute peak rate.

The changes in the Digicel rates come a week after a major development in the telecoms sector with the announcement by Cable & Wireless Communication, that it will be buying Columbus International.

Cable and Wireless is the parent company for LIME, while Columbus International is the parent company for FLOW.

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  1. DIGICEL YOU DID IT AGAIN, Be careful because your customers won’t remain blind forever. Think you guys are slick, just wait until your customer base starts to diminish. GREED at its best.