Digicel’s New $2.89 Sweet Plan – The Breakdown

The Sweet Plan Offer allows prepaid customers to call local Digicel numbers for $2.89 per minute and local off net numbers at $6.99 per minute.

Please note that Per minute billing will apply to these calls. (That is if you talk for less than 1 min you will still be charged $2.89)

To Activate ‘The Sweet Plan’ from your Pre-Paid Digicel Dial *156#

To Deactivate ‘The Sweet Plan’ dial *156*9*10#

Customers must remain subscribed for a minimum period of 7 days before they are eligible to deactivate the plan. If customers do not deactivate, the Sweet Plan Offer will automatically renew every seven (7) days.

The Sweet Plan Value Offers

• Free Text – Send 5 text messages and get the next 10 Free

• Free Int’l – Talk for 5 mins and get the next 25 Free

• Free Talk – Talk for 5 mins and get the next 10 Free

• Free Nights – Top up $200 and get 1 hour Free

• Free Credit – Continue to get $100 Loyalty credit every month

Postpaid customers who try to activate ‘The Sweet Plan’ will receive the following message: “Continue watching this space! Digicel’s Sweet Plan option will be announced for postpaid customers soon.”

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