DNA Links Alleged Culprit To Irwin Point Rape

Just under two years after DNA evidence exonerated brothers Kerron and Sheldon Brissett as perpetrators in the brutal 2012 rape of five females, including an eight-year-old girl, at Irwin Point in St. James, the ‘exact science’ has now positively identified another man as the culprit.


Patrick Green, who was arrested and charged after the Brissett brothers were freed, was positively identified yesterday, as his DNA matched samples investigators had found at the scene of the brutal rape, which drew widespread condemnation.

“The laboratory where the testing was done has just informed us that the DNA taken from Patrick Green matched the DNA that was found at the Irwin Point rape scene,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police Warren Clarke, the commanding officer for Area One, which spans Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.

Despite the DNA results, the prosecution indicated to the court that it would still be proceeding with the case against the brothers, who were also charged with illegal possession of firearm, arising from the same incident.

With Green now identified by DNA and formally charged, a date will soon be set for the start of his trial. It is expected that he will face the same charges that were leveled against the Brissett brothers.

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