Ebola Vaccine Hopefully By Early 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting that a few promising vaccines against Ebola may be ready for use by early next year (2015).


The deadly virus is now ravaging parts of West Africa, with recent data revealing that so far more than 6,574 people are infected with Ebola, and over 3,091 have died from the disease.

However, WHO warns that these figures vastly underestimate the true scale of the epidemic, and noted that these figures are far greater than those from all previous Ebola outbreaks combined.

Last week, WHO said work on other potentially life-saving experimental therapies is also underway.

WHO has declared the recent Ebola outbreak the most severe public health emergency in the world today. But, there are no vaccines or medicines to prevent or cure this disease, which is killing about 50% of the people it infects.

Drug company GlaxoSmithKline has begun clinical trials of its vaccine in the United States and Britain, to be followed by a trial starting in Mali next week, while NewLink vaccine trials are about to start in the United States and Germany.

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