Facebook Page Celebrates Homophobic Killings in Jamaica

A page on social networking site Facebook is encouraging the persecution of gay people in Jamaica, PinkPaper.com can report.

The page – entitled Bun Batty Man, Str8 Pumz Mi seh – currently has only fourty-four ‘likes’ by users, but its content is explicitly homophobic and seems to be regularly updated by its creator.

Just seven hours ago an administrator wrote: “We Don’t Want No Gayness in Jamaica -Y-“.

Previously, the same person seems to make a reference to hate-music purveyor Buju Banton, writing: “Wave Yuh hand From yuh know Battyman Fi get The Pumpaction!! Big Up Buju Banton -Y-“.

Featuring an icon of two men with a red line through it, other images on the site include a screen-grab of a conversation between two men, the Stonewall poster ‘Some People Are Gay. Get Over It’ and a graphic photograph of a defenseless man being beaten by a gang of women.

The said photograph is ‘liked’ by two people, with one woman – named as Shellz Wright – writing “lmao. anyweh we c dem wi fi gi dem gunshot!” on Sunday evening.

Naturally, the site has sparked outrage and fellow Facebook users have already posted responses denouncing its content.

One man, Dan Michael, wrote: “I could not imagine doing this to another human being……especially by individuals who know what it’s like to be discriminated against, racism, homophobia, sexism makes me sick. Life is too short to fill your heart with hatred and your mind with ignorance. Shame on you!

Another man, Steve Nagoski, said he reported the site to Facebook moderators. He wrote:”Reported. This is a hate site that promotes physical violence and death against a sexual minority. It may be socially acceptable in Jamaica, but this is a US website. Learn the laws, and learn to respect people with differences from you.”

Facebook do not permit pages or groups which promote hatred or violence, but the system is often reliant on fellow users flagging up such content.

Source: PinkPaper


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