Faulty Traffic Ticket Amnesty Website Pulled

The National Security Ministry has pulled down the website it had advertised as the portal motorists could use to find out if they have outstanding traffic tickets.

Since the announcement of the traffic ticket amnesty, there have been widespread complaints that the website is not accurate since many paid tickets are still reflected as outstanding on the database.

In a release this morning, the ministry said, as a precaution, it, along with Tax Administration Jamaica, have taken down the site and are testing the database that was posted online.

In the meantime, the ministry says persons with information on their outstanding ticket numbers may proceed to the tax office to make their payments.

However, people who need to ascertain ticket numbers will have to wait until the online site is back up.

The ministry also says the six-month amnesty may be extended for a further period if necessary.

Tax Administration Jamaica says it’s working to fix the glitches in the traffic ticketing database by Friday.

Source: Go-Jamaica

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