Google Wants To Launch a Mobile Messaging App

After losing WhatsApp to Facebook in a multibillion dollar acquisition bid, Google is planning to launch its own mobile messaging app which the search giant is likely to test in India and other emerging markets.


Last month, Google sent top product manager Nikhyl Singhal to India to do a recce of the messaging app ecosystem in the country as the company looks to catch up on an opportunity it lost to others.

The Google messenger is in early stages of development and is likely to be launched in 2015, sources aware of the plans said.

A Google spokesperson, however, declined to comment. Google reportedly made an offer of over us$10 billion to buy Whatsapp, the instant messaging app which was ultimately bought by Facebook for us$19 billion in one of the largest technology deals.

Google would agree that it missed social and missed social on mobile. But then Facebook had to buy WhatsApp and Instagram for the same reason.

If the app is a success, there’s no reason to doubt it will make its way West. Google+ might have been a misfire, but this new app could give Google a fighting chance at staying relevant in a very crowded mobile messenger field.

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