Grace Recalls a Batch of Chicken Vienna Sausages

GraceKennedy has recalled a batch of its Chicken Vienna sausages, produced at its food processors division in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland.


The recall is for the 140 gram, easy-open metal containers, marked with lot number 1-4-0-4-1-5-1-0-G-C-H-2-6.

Persons in possession of the products are advised not to consume them and return them to the point of purchase, where they will be refunded.

Michael Ranglin, CEO of Grace Foods, has disclosed that, through routine internal checks, the company identified irregularities with the product, manifested in the swelling of some cans. He explained that the batch can cause adverse health consequences and steps are being taken to address the irregularities through further test.

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