GSAT Student Tariq Wright Scores 100% in All Subjects

11-year old, Tariq Wright, a student at the Holy Childhood Preparatory School, will be attending the Wolmer’s Boys’ School in September after receiving perfect scores in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).


Results for GSAT were released to primary and preparatory schools across the country today.

A very happy Tariq told JIS News that he received 100% in mathematics, 100% in language arts, 100% in science, 100% in social studies, and 12/12 for communication task.

“I studied very hard to get good grades and that helped. I did two hours of studying each day,” Tariq said.

He said he was surprised that he received all hundreds as “I thought I would get one wrong in the science and one wrong in the social studies”.

Tariq noted that he chose Wolmer’s Boys’ School as it was an “all-round institution” that focuses not only on education but also on extracurricular activities such as sports.

He also thanked the teachers at Holy Childhood Preparatory, whom he said, “assisted the students greatly” in their preparations for GSAT.

Proud mother Roxanne Wright, who is Account Supervisor at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), said she is very pleased about of her son’s performance.

“I am feeling proud of him and I thank God as without God all of this would not have been possible,” Wright said.

She told JIS News that she was not surprised by his performance as she “knew that he could do it”.

“I helped him… when he came home with his homework if there is anything to research I would try to help him with the research aspect of it. I also quizzed him to ensure that he knew the material,” Wright said.

Tariq told JIS News that he hopes to pursue a career as an industrial engineer.

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