Gully Bop Says Chin Proposed To Him

Among Gully Bop’s most loyal supporters is his 25-year-old fiancee/manager Shauna Chin.


“The age doesn’t matter. I have grown to love him and I was the one who proposed to him. He knows how to tick me off, then know exactly what to do to make me laugh,” Chin said. “This has always been the type of love I wanted.”

Gully Bop real name Robert Lee Malcom is 50-Years-Old.

Chin says she is not affected by criticisms of the unlikely relationship.

“I have been called a money-grabber and that I was just trying to get fame, but that’s not the case. I love him. We have both been through a lot so we blend well…it’s pure love,” she stated.

Chin was born in Portland. After completing her studies at Port Antonio High School, she migrated to Philadelphia where she has lived for almost a decade.

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