Hilarious Traditional Customs of the Caribbean

Here in the Caribbean, we often like to say that belief kill and belief cure.  Check out these hilarious traditional customs and see if any of them holds true for you!

I remember the Star came out every Thursday and on Friday morning; I would walk from yard to yard asking my neighbors whether they had bought a copy of the Star, so that I could borrow it for reading.

In those days, not everyone could afford to purchase newspapers such as the Jamaica Star newspaper, so whoever bought a newspaper would read it first and then pass it around to the other community members for their reading pleasure as well.

Just recently a friend and I were reminiscing about our childhood days and we touched on the subject of the Jamaica Star newspaper.

We started to recall our most fun memories of things we used to read in the Jamaica Star newspaper and we both agreed that unique Jamaican traditions is our most fun and poignant memory.

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