I’m Selling My House To Send My Daughter To Medical School

A Manchester father, desperate to raise $1 million to send his daughter to medical school in China, has put his family house up for sale, saying that he would do anything to prevent her from experiencing the hardships he endured growing up.


“Is because it never sell at the time why you come here and see it now,” George Lindsay told the Jamaica Observer on Friday.

“I put up the sign out at the front of the road and quite a few people came and look at it. But I never had the registered title. If I had the registered title, I would be a happy man, because it would have been sold and her schooling taken care of,” he said.

“When I told people I was selling my house and sending her to school they told me I should not do it, because pickney may not turn ‘roun and look back on them. But I said ‘how would you know? I will run the risk’. And it is still up for sale,” he insisted.

Lindsay admitted that he got to this point after trying to earn enough money from farming, butchery, chicken-rearing, and operating a small grocery shop.

His daughter, Georgia, graduated from Hampton School this year armed with 12 CSEC subjects and eight CAPE units. But the 19-year-old, who hopes to leave the island next Saturday for China to study medicine, does not yet have enough money to cover the cost of her travel and first-year tuition.

“I have been accepted to start the six-year course at Anhui Medical School in China in the upcoming school year,” Georgia told the Sunday Observer on Friday.

I believe studying in China will yield great opportunities,” Georgia said.

She said she was accepted to other universities but opted for Anhui because the tuition fee there was the lowest quoted to her.

“Since grade six, when I was doing GSAT, I knew I wanted to become a doctor, but I just didn’t know what kind,” said Georgia, who also attended New Forest Primary and Junior High in Manchester. “And after I started Hampton and I did all the sciences the passion just came.”

On Friday, Lindsay told the Sunday Observer that he had already given his daughter “about $300,000” and her mother, who is abroad working, had promised to come up with some more money.

“That is where we are at right now. We putting on a dinner tomorrow (yesterday) to make some more money to go towards it. Even if we make a $30,000 or $40,000 from it, then I would be thankful because that can buy some more US dollars again to help make up,” he said.

“But I definitely don’t know where the rest is coming from. And I have to make sure that I put money in her account every month so that she can help out herself,” said Lindsay, who now farms escallion and thyme.

Anyone wishing to assist Georgia can make contact with her or her father at 1-876-505-0808 or 1-876-877-4158.

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