Ishawna Admits To Sleeping With Skatta Burrell

Following Foota Hype’s rant which he alleged that his ex and babymother, Ishawna, had sexual relations with his former co-worker, Downsound Records producer Skatta Burrell, and his boss Josef Bagdonovich, Ishawna has finally responded.


Ishwana during an interview with Ragashanti yesterday admitted to having sex with Skatta Burrell.

Ishawna then went on to say:

“Yes we have (Slept together); you know what, I am keeping it real. Mi a big woman but me and Skatta are friends and Foota and Skatta are not friends. Everybody worked together but him and Foota were not close … Sometime we cannot control what happens in life,” she said.

skEfforts to get a comment from Skatta Burrell (in pic) were unsuccessful, however, a visit to his Facebook page revealed that the producer was contemplating an escape from the current controversy.

“Jah know mi a go run weh. #StressAKillMi” Skatta posted on his Instagram, along with a picture of his passport.

We are not sure if that post was related to the whole Ishawna incident.

As for the owner of Downsound Records, Josef Bagdonovich, Ishawna claims that he did not get a piece of the action, as alleged by Foota Hype.

See Foota Hype’s OnStage TV Interview.

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