Island-Wide Protest By Police Over Government’s 5% Wage Offer

The Police High Command has called on its commanders island-wide to implement security measures in their divisions, in light of island-wide protest action by rank and file members of the force.


The government was forced to call out the army reserve last night as the protests spread to all the divisions.

Members of the police force began reporting sick last night as they protest the government’s 5% wage offer. There were reports of cops reporting sick in most divisions. 

The protests followed a threat by the Police Federation to the government. The Federation had given the Ministry of Finance until yesterday to come up with a better wage offer; however, the government had said it could not do so at this time.

Police Commissioner Carl Williams met with the Central Executive of the Police Federation yesterday and urged them to call off the protests and allow the negotiations to proceed. However, the Federation reported that its members were in a militant mood and could not guarantee normality today.

Up to late last night, the High Command was scrambling to collect information on the  number of personnel who have failed to report for duty.

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