Jamaica Drops Two Places on Corruption Index

The latest Corruption Perception index is out and Jamaica has dropped two spaces.


The index ranks countries based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.

Jamaica is now ranked 85th out of 175 countries, two places lower than the 83rd ranking it received over the last two years.

However, Jamaica’s Corruption Perception index (CPI) score remains 38 out of 100, which means corruption is very pervasive in the country’s public sector.

A country’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0-100, where 0 means that a country is perceived as highly corrupt and 100 means it is perceived as very clean.

Jamaica has an average corruption perception score of 35 out of 100, and has never scored higher than 40 out of 100 in any year.

The lowest ranked CARICOM countries are Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica who share the same position, and Guyana which is ranked the worst at 124.

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