Jamaica To Handover Glazer Plane Crash To USA

Jamaican authorities are to handover the investigation into Friday’s plane crash off the Portland coast to the United States.


The Director General of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, Leroy Lindsay, confirmed the developments last night.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Defence Force yesterday called off active search for the aircraft, with at least two people on board.

The flight originated in Rochester, New York and was destined for Naples, Florida but apparently developed problems and traveled south crashing in Jamaican waters. This means that it would become the responsibility of Jamaican authorities to lead the investigation.

However, Lindsay, says under international aviation rules, Jamaica can transfer this right to the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) says it did the right thing yesterday when it decided to end its active search for the wreckage.

The decision of the JDF came hours after the United States Coast Guard pulled out its support saying, given the time which has elapsed, the likelihood of finding survivors was very slim.

According to JDF spokesman, Major Basil Jarrett, the military is satisfied that nothing from the wreckage can be immediately recovered.

And he says there was no breach of protocol in relation to the length of time the search lasted.

American real estate developer and Billionaire Larry Glazer and his wife, Jane, who were on board, are suspected to be dead.

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