Jamaican Girls Exposed Mastermind Back in Custody

Accused porn-site mastermind Ronald Oates, who was offered bail on Tuesday, has been slapped with additional charges and was taken back into police custody after a new complainant came forward.

His attorney Zara Lewis confirmed the new charges this morning and said that her client will answer to them in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court next Monday.

After being in custody since August, Oates was being processed to be released on his $500,000 bail offer when his freedom was curtailed by the new complaint.

That bail offer still stands but another bail application will have to be made in relation to the additional charges if Oates is to be released from jail.

The additional charges, Lewis said, is the same as the previous ones: unauthorised access and unlawfully making data available for the commission of an offence — both under the Cybercrimes Act — in addition to unauthorised obstruction, obscene publication, extortion and conspiracy to extort.

Twenty-seven-year-old Oates allegedly posted nude photographs of women on the Internet and is accused of extorting more than $100,000 from victims to remove the offending pictures.

Oates is to reappear in court on October 16 on the previous charges.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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