Jamaican Government Owes Huge JPS Bill

It has been revealed that the Jamaican Government and a long list of its agencies and departments have racked up j$5.2 billion in unpaid electricity bills.


The debt is owed to the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) by more than 4,500 government and quasi government institutions.

A government source told RJR News that agency heads continue to express concern about the ballooning debt. The source disclosed that last year some government institutions had their electricity supply disconnected due to outstanding bills.

According to data obtained by RJR News, the Ministry of Local Government now owes j$3.2 billion for street lights while parish councils have unpaid bills totaling j$27 million.

Markets operated by the Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation racked up j$19 million in arrears for electricity consumption.

The Ministry of Education is another big delinquent customer. Educational institutions and the Ministry’s offices owe j$219 million to the electricity company.

Hospitals have unpaid bills amounting to j$175 million.

Agencies under the Ministries of  National Security and Justice owe a combined $144 million to the JPS.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has arrears of  more than j$49 million while the Department of Correctional Services has an outstanding debt of j$36 million.

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