Jamaican Man Saved From Deportation By The ‘Gay’ Bell

A Jamaican man was recently spared deportation by judges in the UK after declaring he was gay, minutes before boarding a flight back to the island.


Fifty-five-year-old Alvin Brissett (in pic), a father of two who went to Britain when he was 13, is said to have committed a string of criminal acts, racking up 18 convictions and serving seven years in prison for robbery, according to UK media reports.

Brissett was at the Gatwick airport in handcuffs, reports say, when he announced that he was gay and insisted he could not be deported to Jamaica because of discrimination; this halted his deportation.

Immigration judges later ruled in favor of the Jamaican, saying that his right to a family life is more important than the Government protecting him from British citizens.

Following the ruling, a British Member of Parliament Philip Davies is reported to have said, “This case perfectly shows how the law is an ass. We must be a complete laughing stock”.

When asked about his questionable sexuality, Brissett reportedly told the UK media “I had a right”.

Another Jamaican man, Orashia Edwards, lost his appeal in July for asylum in the UK after claiming he was bisexual and would face discrimination if he was deported.

His appeal was dismissed on the grounds that he was being dishonest on the point of his sexuality.

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