Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell Places 5th in Miss Universe

Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell was placed fifth (fourth runner up) in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant show lastnight.


Fennell, an early favorite showed poise, confidence and grace throughout the rounds and reaped loud cheers inside the Florida International University Arena in Doral, USA.

Miss Colombia was named Miss Universe and United States, first runner-up.

Fennell’s announcement was met with shouts of boos and disappointment from the Miami audience.

The Jamaican was a stunner throughout the competition.

“She enters the room in this drop dead red,” said the TV presenter as Fennell strode onto the stage as one of the top five contestants.

The first question posed to her by one of the judges: “One of three women in the world will experience violence, what can be done to reduce it?”

Her response: “Crime is a global phenomenon, it does not affect just one nation and we as people of the world should work together to prevent it now. Thank you.”

She would face another nerve-racking moment when a viewer’s question was posed to her querying her country’s most important contribution to the world.

Fennell said music, through Bob Marley, and athletics, through world record holder, Usain Bolt, are Jamaica’s most significant contributions to the world.

While Fennell was on the stage in Miami, she was getting support across the globe on social media and from New Kingston and Half Way Tree where scores of people gathered to watch the Miss Universe finals on television screens.

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