J’can Father Raises Money To Send Daughter To Medical School

George Lindsay, the Manchester father who was last week set on selling his house in order to help fund his daughter’s dream of studying medicine in China, yesterday saw her off at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, thanks to readers & Jamaica Observer readers alike, here and abroad, who were touched by his story.

china-SLDGeorgia receives words of encouragement from her father George (third left), friend Dave Holness (left), and cousin Michael Sampson, while her five-year-old sister Geonna shares the moment.

Easily, the largest donation he received was from the mother of a prominent Jamaican businessman who paid the J$1 million required for the first year of Georgia’s schooling in China.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, met the family in Mandeville last Wednesday and paid the sum over to the university through their account.

“Oh, my God!” Lindsay said as he tried to find words to express his feelings. “It is tremendous! It is just tremendous! Her money has been paid to the bank and a lot of persons have been giving; the help is more than what I did even expect! One person went and paid a million dollars for her. I got half-a-million from the Office of the Prime Minister, and NCB gave us $400,000. People called me from America and sent what they could and Jamaicans have been contributing. So it is adding up to covering more than her first year, because we are well on our way to covering her third year.”

Readers have been so generous that Lindsay said he has postponed his plan to sell his family house.

“Right now I have put that plan on hold to sell the house, because persons have been encouraging me not to sell, and even that businessman whose mother gave the million said I should not sell,” Lindsay said.

His daughter, Georgia, who graduated from Hampton School this year with 12 CSEC subjects (10 at grade one and two at grade two), and eight CAPE units (four grades one, three twos and one three), had always wanted to become a medical doctor.

She was accepted to start a six-year course at Anhui Medical School in China, which begins in five days, but her parents were unable to come up with the J$1 million.

Yesterday, Georgia left Jamaica an overwhelmed and happy young woman.

“I must say that I am extremely grateful for all the help that I received from everyone, including those from overseas and the entire Jamaican diaspora,” she said with a broad smile. “To Hampton School and also the Hampton old girls and all the persons who reached out to me, I am grateful for everything!”

The 19-year-old said the help she has received has made her life’s dream possible.


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