Jet Ski Accident Leaves Usher’s Stepson Brain Dead

11-Year-Old old Kyle Glover stepson of Usher, has been declared brain dead by doctors at an Atlanta children’s hospital.

Photo: Usher and former wife Tameka Raymond pose for photos with their children, including Kyle Glover, third from the left.

The 11-year-old was airlifted there after being hit by a jet ski in Lake Lanier Yesterday (July 8th), and has not experienced any brain activity since.

No decision has been made as to whether or not to take Kyle off of life support.

Glover, whose mother is Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster, was reportedly struck in the head and was knocked unconscious, according to Department of Natural Resources Sergeant Mike Burgamy.

The girl also suffered serious injuries.

Both children were immediately airlifted to Children’s Healthcare at Egelston Hospital in Atlanta.

The cause of the horrific incident is still under investigation, which could take months to complete.

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