JPS Announces Debt Amnesty

The Jamaica Public Service Company, (JPS) has announced a Debt Amnesty Programme.


Under the initiative, delinquent customers will be able to negotiate up to 70% off arrears to the power company.

Customers in the Residential and Small Commercial categories, who owe in excess of $50,000 as at August 31 this year and had their service disconnected, will qualify to apply for the amnesty.

Customers can opt for telephone negotiations from November 4 to December 19 or face-to-face negotiations at JPS Parish Offices on Wednesdays and Saturdays between November 11 and December 19. Independent lenders will be on site to facilitate persons who would like to explore debt financing options.

Head of  Marketing at JPS, Tishan Lee, says the company has identified critical cases where some customers’ arrears have accumulated to the level that they have been classified as bad debt.

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