Life After The Catwalk: Andre Shirley

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Andre Shirley was the quiet and focused Model turned Designer on Season 1 of Mission Catwalk. Haute People caught up with the Designer to see what he has been up to after the show.

Catwalk col
H.P: Why did you decide to go on the show?

A.S: To gain more exposure.

H.P: What was the most important thing you learnt being on the show?

A.S: The most important thing I learnt on MC was how to use the Dress Form to the fullest….I’m no stranger to it but there were a few things to it that I never knew.

H.P: Tell us about your latest project/collection

A.S: Well, I’m  currently working on my new collection and also working on a Resort line.

H.P: Do people readily recognize you on the street?

A.S: Yes people recognize me when they see me in the street.

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