Luciano Cancels African Tours in Fear of Ebola

Jamaican reggae singer Luciano has cancelled plans to travel to Africa for his upcoming tour, following warnings by Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson that entertainers should avoid travel to Ebola-affected countries of West Africa.


It has been reported that the entertainer was led to change his plans due to his own research on the highly contagious and deadly Ebola disease.

“I have been appealing to persons including entertainers to avoid non-essential travel to the Ebola affected countries in West Africa. If they still decide to go, our actions may have to include quarantining persons,” Ferguson said in a release Saturday.

Luciano was expected to leave the island on Saturday for performances in Malawi, South Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe.‏

More than 5,800 people have been infected with Ebola and more than 2,800 have died from it since the virus first broke out in Guinea in December.

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  1. Mphatso Chaluluka

    No cases of Ebola cases anywhere but 4 countries in West Africa and 1 in Spain. South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe have never had a single case of Ebola in the history of the world. You guys do not even browse these things? Or at least go on to the World Health Organization page for facts. At least confirm with your Jamaican High Commissioner in South Africa, that’s one of the reasons he is there isn’t it?. This is sad.

    • The virus can potentially spread to anywhere in the world.

      The virus has reached the USA and resulted in one death, so it’s any bodies guess as to where next it can spread to.

      • Mphatso Chaluluka

        Which means as far as stats are concerned, Malawi, RSA, Zimbabwe are even safer than USA and Spain for they have never had any Ebola case. Are Jamaican artists going to stop going to the USA cause of the Ebola case? I repeat, There is not even a single caseof Ebola where Luciano is supposed to perform. Ask the proper health authorities.

        • They will stop traveling until things have settled back down..

          • Mphatso Chaluluka

            If that’s true, well fine. I hope its all people and not just artists that will stop travelling to USA and Africa. Especially that when artists travel they are at less risk because they are treated as VIP, while ordinary people on the other hand…..