Man Takes over Spanish Town Police Station

Police at the Spanish Town station were kept out of their post for more than an hour yesterday after a handcuffed man armed with a piece of broken glass threatened to hurt anyone who dared approach him.

In photo:  The entrance of the Spanish Town station guardroom,after it was thrashed by a man who decided he did not want to go to jail. – Rasbert Turner

The incident unfolded about 6 p.m., shortly after he was handcuffed and taken to the station for breaches of the Road Traffic Act. It is unclear what happened next but police sources said the man got into a rage after been there for a while.

He reportedly smashed a glass in a section of the station in anger.

Police personnel stood by and looked on in amazement as the man who armed himself with a piece of broken glass kept the officers away with his threats.

A weh yuh a go? Mi know sey yuh a bad police but right now my head no good,” he said, while waving the broken glass menacingly at a policeman while still handcuffed.

Coercion and pleading

One hour later, after much coercion and pleading, the police finally gained entry to the station but not before arming themselves with riot shields. By that time, the police said the man had smashed several glass doors and there was blood splattered all over the floor. The man, in the meantime, had retreated to a nearby room where he locked himself inside.

He was subsequently taken from the room, but even while in the police vehicle he remained defiant.

“Mi nah move a wah unnu a deal wid, in yah,” he said, while lying in the vehicle.

Many persons who converged started to mock the police, “A so much a dem and dem can’t deal with the one man? Mi sure sey him no mad. It really wicked pon dem still,” a woman said.

The man was eventually taken to the Spanish Town Hospital where he was seen bleeding profusely.

Investigations have been launched with a view of charging him with the damage to the Government’s property.

Source: Jamaican Star

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