Mario Deane Died From Head And Neck Injuries

US pathologist Dr. Michael Baden revealed that preliminary results from today’s autopsy on 31-year-old Mario Deane, who was beaten while in police custody, proved that he died from several blows to his head and brain.


The autopsy was conducted by local pathologist Dr. Murari Saranji in the presence of Baden.

“The cause of death was multiple impact to his head and brain and compression to the neck — homicide,” Dr. Baden told journalists in Montego Bay Tuesday evening following a marathon post mortem conducted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital morgue.

The US pathologist said that Dr. Saranji will get “additional studies finished”.

He was quick to point out that while the autopsy proved that Deane died of a severe beating, it could not say by whom it was orchestrated.

Deane died on August 6 after being taken to hospital on August 3 following a beating while in police custody at the Barnett Street lock up in Montego Bay.

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