Mick Jagger Says Vybz Kartel is One of His Favorite Rappers

Legendary musician and Rolling Stones’ frontman, Mick Jagger, says incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz kartel and Jay-Z are his favorite rappers.


According to the global icon, Vybz Kartel’s language is difficult to understand. However, Vybz Kartel is ‘mad’ with dancehall styles.

“My favourite rappers are Vybz Kartel, I like him, and I guess Jay-Z,” Mick Jagger said. The veteran could hardly pronounce the deejay’s name, however, he went on to explain the difference between Vybz kartel and Jay-Z.

“One is very different from the other. Jay-Z’s got this whole body of work and he’s put himself together with great tunes as well, and Vybz Kartel is just completely mad dancehall and totally different. It’s very difficult to understand a word he says until you’ve heard it about 100 times,” he said laughing.

Mick Jagger was participating in a question-and-answer session on Twitter recently. The Rolling Stones are no strangers to Jamaican music. in 1978, their record label contracted reggae legend Peter Tosh and released his album Bush Doctor, introducing the artiste to a larger audience.

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