Minimum Wage to go up By 11%

The national minimum wage is to be increased by 11%, while the minimum rates for security guards will go up by 10%, effective September 3.

This was announced yesterday by the Minister of Labour and Social Security Derrick Kellier as he piloted the National Minimum Wage Order 2012 in the House of Representatives.

The order will move the national minimum wage from $4,500 to $5,000 per 40-hour work week, and the minimum hourly rate from $112.50 to $125 per hour, representing an 11% increase. An order for new minimum rates for industrial security guards was also approved, moving their hourly rates up by 10%, from $166.38 per hour to $180.76 per hour and a 40-hour pay of $7,320, up from $6,655.

Security guards will also receive an increase in laundry allowance from $30.25 to $33.30 per hour; firearm allowance from $33.28 to $36.60 per hour; and dog handler’s allowance from $22.39 to $24.63 per hour. However, their life insurance coverage will remain at $2 million with double indemnity.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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