Miss Kitty Makes Author debut with ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’

Miss Kitty has turned another page in her career with the debut of her first novel ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.

Set for release on November 4, Good Girl Gone Bad is a raunchy novel from the media personality Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton.

Speaking with THE STAR recently, Miss Kitty explained that writing a novel is the next step in building her own brand and empire. She said, “I don’t want to be just a great broad-caster or entertainer, I don’t want to get complacent and just be a leading female on radio and TV, I want to conquer other markets.”

Having got her degree in literature at the University of the West Indies (Mona), she believes Jamaica, contrary to popular belief, is a reading society. “I want this book to really reach out there to the Caribbean Diaspora, to the UK, Canada, the US, wherever Caribbean people are,” she said.

To make her dream come true, Miss Kitty linked with Pageturner Publishing, popular publishers of deejay Macka Diamond’s two novels. She started writing the novel earlier this year and described it as a challenging but fun experience. She said, “Good Girl Gone Bad is essentially about cheating but from another dimension. This time it is the female that is perpet- uating the mistrust and betrayal.”

She added, “In the past, cheating has really been glamourised for so long and people don’t pay attention to the emotional stress of it, the detriment of it. The book also addresses where people say ‘Oh, I’m not a cheat’, but if the opportunity were there, wouldn’t you take it up?” According to Miss Kitty, her characters are very deep where you “love dem and hate dem” all at the same time.

The ending of the novel, she says, is very unexpected but at all times deals with real situations. Good Girl Gone Bad is not for the “prudish types”, as the book is being branded as a “sensual novel”. She elaborated, “It has its exciting and salacious parts, the cheating scenes are very seductive and sensual, very intimate.”

In a release sent to The STAR, Pageturner’s Karl Larmond also added, “First and foremost, let me say it like this: This is not the typical story, and I am so confident of that, that I’m almost willing to say it’s a money back guarantee, but be that what it may be, maybe the best way to describe Miss Kitty’s literal effort is to say, expect a Yohan Blake surprise, because I’ve read a lot of books, and for a first-time author, she is good, very good.”

According to Miss Kitty, this is just one of many businesses she has going on. Her radio show Ruption is doing well, as well as her monthly dance Marina Sundays in Old Harbour. She is also looking to start a new show for television.

Source: Jamaican Star

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