Montego Bay Businessman Macklin Peterkin Has Died

Well known Montego Bay Business Man Macklin ‘Dix’ Peterkin has died.


Sources close to Mr. Peterkin are saying that he died from a heart attack.

Mr. Peterkin is the owner of Kinns Auto Parts Limited located on Tate Street in Montego Bay, and he is also the treasurer of the St. James Football Association. (StJFA)

It is understood that Mr. Peterkin was playing a game of football in the Westgate Hills area when he started to complain about pains, he then collapsed a few minutes later and was pronounced dead on the way to the Cornwall Regional Hospital. Mr. Peterkin was 48 years old.

Ironically, the easy-going Peterkin, who was also a motor racing enthusiast, was instrumental in the transformation of the field on which he collapsed, from just an open lot into a lush green surface complete with portable floodlights to facilitate night matches.

“I don’t know many persons who loved football as much as Dix,” said Hanover Football Association vice president Craig Oates “From I have known him, he has always played. In addition, he has contributed a lot of quality time and money to the game.”

Mr. Peterkin, who was in his second term as treasurer of the StJFA, was recently elevated to the position of chairman of the Jarrett Park Management Committee.

mxMr. Peterkin Hanging out with Jamaican Track Star Usain Bolt.

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