Nashua Mother And Two Kids Hit By Car Survives

Nashua Police are investigating after two young sisters were hit by a car outside their elementary school in Nashua, USA.

Surveillance video shows the girls were with their mother outside the Ledge Street Elementary School when they were struck by a driver who had been waiting in the morning drop-off line. The driver, apparently another parent, stopped after crashing into a planter.

“It moved forward. I don’t think it was a fast speed, but it moved forward faster than you would expect a car to move through the drop-off line,” said Assistant Superintendent Karen Crebase.

The girls suffered non-life threatening injuries and were transported to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, where they were treated and released. The mother escaped injury.

“The girls are doing good, they’re with their parents right now and we’re trying to keep things as normal as we can for them,” Leonora Allen, the girls’ grandmother, said.

Police said they are looking into problems with the car.

“Looking at the procedure for drop-off, it appears very safe. It appears that the parents were all following those procedures. Of course, we’ll review those. But, it really seems to be an accident where a car accelerated a bit,” Crebase said.

Police said that drugs and alcohol weren’t involved and said the woman wasn’t texting. The driver was possibly distracted by two children in the backseat. Officials are also examining the brakes.

“She had told us at the time that there may have been an issue with her brakes, she said had some brake issues with that car previously that she had repaired,” said Capt. Bruce Hansen of the Nashua Police Department.

Police briefly sealed the area off in front of the school while investigators took measurements to determine the cause of the crash. Officials are also reviewing security cameras outside the front door of the school.

Administrators are just thankful that everyone is fine.

“You do everything you can to keep the children in the school district safe and educated and happy. And to find news first thing in the morning that there is an accident is devastating,” Crebase said.

“You know, it’s horrifying to know that two kids just got hit. So thank god they’re okay,” said witness Lisa Sotelo.

The driver has not been charged but police say they will likely issue the driver a summons for some type of motor vehicle violation.

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