Netflix Ranks Digicel as The Slowest in The Caribbean Region

Internet content provider Netflix has panned Digicel’s wireless service as the slowest in the Latin American and Caribbean region – a ranking the telecoms dismissed as flawed analysis.


Netflix, in January, rated Digicel’s data transfer speed at 0.69 Megabits per second, and Mexico’s Totalplay as the fastest with a speed of 3.53Mbps.

The speed is arrived at by testing the data transfer rate of an Internet service provider during prime time for three hours.

The Netflix report also records an average speed of 1.38Mbps for LIME and 2.37Mbps for Flow.

Digicel Group said, in response, that the Netflix report was incorrect as its service delivers speeds well above what is reported. It did not say what those recorded speeds are.

The telecoms also described the Netflix report as “an unfair comparison” between fixed Internet speeds and mobile and wireless data speeds.

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